Carta prepagata

Le carte prepagate, anche chiamate carte di credito ricaricabili, carte ricaricabili sono un tipo di carta di pagamento di debito (il pagamento è detratto dai fondi correnti).
Le carte di pagamento dette "prepagate" si differenziano dalle carte di debito e carte di credito poiché sono collegate ad un c.d. "borsellino elettronico", il cui accesso è garantito dalla carta stessa. Il pagamento viene addebitato istantaneamente: questa differenza sostanziale, con gli altri strumenti di pagamento, è un rilevante vantaggio per chi deve incassare l'importo essendo garantito l'immediato accredito. Molte carte prepagate sono associate e/o collegate ad un conto corrente bancario (carte conto con IBAN), spesso di tipo "light".
Le carte prepagate utilizzano solitamente gli stessi circuiti delle carte di credito (i più utilizzati sono VISA Electron e MasterCard).
Da distinguere dalle carte prepagate è la "gift card", o carta regalo. Queste sono emesse principalmente da piccole imprese (soprattutto esercenti) i quali a fronte di un pagamento immediato, erogano sulla carta un importo (spesso maggiorato di alcuni punti percentuali). Ad esempio, prepagando 50 euro di servizi presso un centro estetico, l'esercente può caricare sulla carta 70 euro. (fonte: Wikipedia)
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Prepaid and Gift Cards in Canada: 2014 Report

Driven by both open-loop and closed-loop card growth, prepaid cards continue to gain traction in the Canadian marketplace: Packaged Facts expects transaction volume to rise more than 15% in 2014. While new prepaid card regulations are now in force, it's only a matter of time before general-purpose reloadable prepaid card interchange rates garner more scrutiny. But with greater consumer transparency and with newer card programs offering more competitive pricing, we see robust growth for these cards in the near term. Maintaining high rates of growth will require expanding the target audience beyond the relatively narrow band of Canadian underbanked and unbanked consumers and convincing more mainstream consumers to part with their debit cards, especially 18-34s. This report gives industry participants guidance for success in the Canadian prepaid card market. Specifically, the report: (PR Newswire - 13/10/2014) Leggi

PFS named 16th fastest growing technology company in the UK by the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

--( Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) has been listed as the 16(th) fastest growing company in the UK according to the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for 2014 - 738&yr=2014 The FCA-authorized and regulated payment service provider was recognized as the 16(th) fastest growing technology company in the UK, underlining the growth of the company over the last few years... (Thomson Reuters - 02/10/2014) Leggi

Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 4th Edition

Driven by the prospect of regulatory intervention and heightened competition, leading prepaid card marketers are beating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the punch--adding protections found on debit card products, increasing fee transparency, reducing cardholder costs, and experimenting with budgeting and savings tools. As a result, industry revenue generation models are changing, placing greater emphasis on technological innovation and interchange to drive revenue growth. (PR Newswire - 23/09/2014) Leggi
Mobistar launches 1617, the prepaid card offering the cheapest tariffs for international calls

Mobistar launches 1617, the prepaid card offering the cheapest tariffs for international calls

Brussels, 18 July 2014 - Today, Mobistar is launching 1617, a new prepaid formula especially adapted to foreigners living in Belgium who often communicate with friends and families in their country of origin. The 1617 prepaid formula has the cheapest tariffs for international calls thanks to the partnership with Core, a British company specialising in international mobile telecommunications... (Thomson Reuters - 22/07/2014) Leggi

Multi-currency prepaid travel card set for take-off in Portugal

Prepaid Financial Services ("PFS") has launched Portugal's first Multi Currency Prepaid MasterCard® in partnership with Unicambio. · Available for purchase within 49 Unicambio bureaus at airports and in major shopping malls in Portugal from north to south including Madeira Island as well as online · The Multi Currency MasterCard prepaid card enables corporate clients and cardholders to hold various currencies all on one card · A MasterCard card ensures a reliable, simple and... (Thomson Reuters - 16/07/2014) Leggi
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