Pascal (unità di misura)

Il Pascal (simbolo: Pa) è un'unità di misura derivata del Sistema internazionale. Il pascal è l'unità di misura della sollecitazione e come caso particolare della pressione, è equivalente a un newton su metro quadrato.
L'unità di misura prende il nome da Blaise Pascal, matematico, fisico e filosofo francese.
In acustica si impiega il Pa o suoi sottomultipli, in meteorologia è più largamente impiegato l'hPa, insieme al kPa. Il MPa e il GPa rispettivamente per misurare la resistenza dei materiali e il loro modulo di elasticità. (fonte: Wikipedia)

Pfeiffer Vacuum Highlights Innovative Vacuum Solutions at Touch Panel Korea Trade Show

     (Photo: ) Pfeiffer Vacuum offers powerful turbopumps for the vacuum coating in LED and flat screen technologies. The turbopumps distinguish themselves with their high pumping speeds, maximum gas throughput and very good compression of light (H2, He) and heavy gases (Ar, CF4). The process equipment is yet another feature making these high vacuum pumps ideal for deployment in the flat and touch panel fields. The suitability for industrial applications is confirmed by the IP 54 protection class and SEMI S2 Standard certification. The functional aluminum housing keeps these pumps extremely lightweight. A sealing gas connection protects the bearings from particles and reactive gases. This results in optimal integration capacity and a significantly improved service life. (PR Newswire - 23/07/2014) Leggi

Packers Plus and Geodynamics successfully complete Habanero-4 geothermal well in Australia

Packers Plus worked closely with Geodynamics to design specialized Inferno™ completions equipment capable of withstanding 300°C (600°F) and 69 MPa (10,000 psi) pressure. This equipment was instrumental to the EGS process, which involves stimulating existing fractures in low-permeability, high-temperature rock to allow water to flow through and be superheated. Geoff Ward, CEO of Geodynamics stated, "the willingness of Packers Plus to design and test their equipment to the limit has made them a strategic partner for Geodynamics." (PR Newswire - 20/08/2013) Leggi

Madalena Provides an Update on its Domestic and International Operations and Increases its Production Capability to Approximately 2,000 boe/d

Madalena Ventures Inc. (TSXV: MVN) (the "Company" or "Madalena") is pleased to provide operational updates across its Western Canadian ("domestic") and International assets. (PR Newswire - 15/04/2013) Leggi

Metallurgical Testing on Diatreme Hosted Promontorio Silver Resource Indicates Gold Within Pyrite Can be Effectively Recovered Through Post Pressure Oxidation Treatment

Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSX VENTURE: KTN.V) is pleased to announce results from preliminary metallurgical testing conducted by ALS Minerals of Kamloops, British Columbia on the gold component contained within the diatreme hosted Promontorio Silver resource. Results from the ALS gold extraction tests show that recovery of gold from the Promontorio resource is possible using post pressure oxidation. After pressure oxidation 94.5% of the gold was extracted from pyrite concentrate. (PR Newswire - 28/02/2013) Leggi
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