Scheda di rete

In informatica la scheda di rete è a livello logico un'interfaccia digitale, costituita a livello hardware da una scheda elettronica inserita/alloggiata solitamente all'interno di un personal computer, server, stampante, router ecc., che svolge tutte le elaborazioni o funzioni necessarie a consentire la connessione dell'apparato informatico ad una rete informatica.

Scheda di rete wireless
Un particolare tipo di scheda di rete è la scheda di rete wireless cioè una scheda che permette la connessione ad una rete tramite collegamento senza fili a mezzo di onde radio. Appartengono a questo tipo di scheda la scheda Wi-Fi e la scheda Bluetooth. Ne sono dotati tutti i PC portatili (laptop), mentre spesso non è una dotazione tipica di base per i PC fissi, per i quali risulta però installabile a posteriori. La scheda di rete e l'antenna ad essa associata comunicano con l'Access Point della rete wireless o direttamente con gli altri terminali in maniera bidirezionale. (fonte: Wikipedia)
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Exablaze Introduces Ultra Low Latency Switch and Application Platform

Utilizing a unique modular design, the ExaLINK Fusion preserves the sub-five nanosecond layer 1 switching fabric and related capabilities of its industry leading ExaLINK 50 device, and adds layer 2 switching functionality implemented within a Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA. The layer 1 switching fabric is used as a central connection point for front panel line cards and internal application-specific modules. (PR Newswire - 31/10/2014) Leggi

Exablaze joins the IBM OpenPOWER Foundation

Exablaze joins a growing list of innovative technology organizations working collaboratively with IBM to build and deliver advanced server, networking and acceleration technology solutions to end users of both IBM's POWER8 architecture and industry leading vendors of related technologies. The OpenPOWER foundation makes POWER hardware and software available to open development for the first time, as well as making POWER intellectual property licensable to others, greatly expanding the ecosystem of innovators on the platform. (PR Newswire - 17/09/2014) Leggi

Frost & Sullivan: ZETEC Develops the First Fully Integrated Product in the Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Test Equipment Market

TOPAZ™ is unique in terms of functionality and flexibility, as it is capable of performing on-board inspection setup, data acquisition, data analysis, and detailed report generation without the need for an external computer. Another distinguishing feature is its sealed frame. TOPAZ™ is housed in a robust magnesium frame that is 33 percent lighter than aluminum with no air intake. This insulates the product from dust in harsh environments and it makes it perfect for field applications. TOPAZ™ also comes with two independent, conventional ultrasonic testing channels, allowing TOFD inspection on welds with thickness ranging from a few millimeters to more than 50 mm. (PR Newswire - 04/11/2013) Leggi
HMS receives 7 MSEK order

HMS receives 7 MSEK order

HMS Networks AB (publ) has signed a development- and supply agreement with one of the leading Japanese manufacturer in industrial automation and frequency converters. The agreement includes customization and deliveries of the Anybus network cards for several various industrial communication protocols... (Thomson Reuters - 31/08/2012) Leggi
HMS Networks - break-through in the Telecom area

HMS Networks - break-through in the Telecom area

HMS Networks AB (publ) has signed a global supply agreement with one of the world leading technology supplier to telecom base stations where HMS will supply solutions for energy management. HMS has been chosen as the supplier of Remote Management solutions for managing energy consumption, fuel consumption, generators, AC/DC metering etc. in base stations for mobile telephones... (Thomson Reuters - 23/08/2012) Leggi