Inauguration of a bust created by Roberto Piaia in memory of Police Inspector Rosario Sanarico.

The ceremony took place yesterday, in the presence of Interior Minister Marco Minniti, Undersecretary of Justice Cosimo Maria Ferri, Police Chief Franco Gabrielli, Bishop of La Spezia S. Ecc. Luigi Ernesto Palletti, the mayor of La Spezia Massimo Federici – the unveiling of the memory bust shaped by the sculptor Roberto Piaia, and dedicated to the heroic Police Inspector Rosario Sanarico.
La Spezia, ( - comunicati stampa - arte e cultura) Rosario Sanarico, who was awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Valor and lost his life during a dive in the Brenta River while engaged in a bodyresearch of a murder victim. The commemorative day was divided into three events: the dedication ceremony of a roundabout to Rosario Sanarico, the naming of a Naval Base, headquarters of the Divers State Police again to Rosario Sanarico, and the blessing of the Bishop of La Spezia S. Ecc. Luigi Ernesto Palletti to the sculptural monument. The bust, ordered by the Interior Ministry, was placed within the naval base of Punta Pezzino, headquarters of the Divers State Police of La Spezia, with the hero facing the sea. The Artist Piaia, though never personally knowing the hero, has succeeded, as always, in grasping the expressive essence of a positive person and a brave hero and transmitting it to his work. This aspect really moved his wife Antonella, his kidsAlessio and Annavera, and all fellow officers and friends of Sanarico, affectionately called "Sasa". Info Roberto Piaia: Painter and Sculptor Landsberger Straße 38 87719 Mindelheim - Deutschland Telefon: +49 8261 7089916 Fax: +49 8261 7088957 M.: +49 152 04668467 M.Ita: +39 339 2064275 E-Mail: [email protected]
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