Treasury to increase borrowing amid debt ceiling standoff


The U.S. plans to borrow $932 billion during the January-to-March quarter. That's $353 billion more than projected last October, due to a lower beginning-of-quarter cash balance and projections of lower-than-expected income tax receipts and higher spending, according to AP. The increased borrowing will take place as Democrats and the White House push for Congress to ... (LaPresse)

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Yellowstone, a breve la quinta stagione: tutti i dettagli delle nuove puntate. La quinta stagione di Yellowstone, come mostrato dal trailer distribuito da Sky, difficilmente deluderà il pubblico. Nelle ultime ore, finalmente, è stato pubblicato il trailer ufficiale della quinta stagione. (Tutto.TV)

The money is part of $1.2 billion in mega grants being awarded under the 2021 infrastructure law. The yearslong modernization of the Hudson project started in 2013 but stalled as Trump battled with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer over funding for the project (LaPresse)

Tsipras on Tuesday called for parliament to be dissolved immediately, allowing for the election to be held in three weeks — a demand the government swiftly rejected (LaPresse)

Speaking to reporters before returning to the U.S., Blinken said both sides had voiced their readiness to restore calm and that he had instructed two senior officials to remain in the region But it also reflected a years-long process that has turned the U. (LaPresse)

Nel 1949, due mesi dopo il suo arrivo a New York, l’artista acquista la sua prima cinepresa Bolex. Chi è Jonas Mekas. (Periodico Daily)

Fifteen grade school students in Mexico have been treated after apparently taking part in an internet “challenge” in which groups of students take tranquilizers to see who can stay awake the longest. There was no immediate information on the condition of the students, believed to be fifth and sixth graders, or where they got the tranquilizers. (LaPresse)

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